Managed Units List Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have emergency housing or assistance?
No, the Housing Authority does not have emergency housing or assistance. The agency provides long-term affordable rental housing. However, the Management Offices can provide you with contacts for emergency assistance.

What is the difference between Section 8 and Managed Units?
The Section 8, or Housing Choice Voucher Program, assists participants by paying private landlords a portion of the total rent. Participants may transfer their rental assistance to other areas of the country. Managed Units are specific developments owned or managed by the Housing Authority.

How long is the wait ? Where am I on the waiting list?
The Housing Authority does not provide your position on the waiting list because it may change frequently. You move up on the list as people are taken off of it and you may move down on the list if applicants with preferences apply. In addition, the Housing Authority may skip over others to reach you or skip over you to reach other applicants in order to comply with income-targeting regulations that apply to Sunnyside Village, Sycamore Court, and Valley View Village. The time on the waiting list varies by development and bedroom size. The wait ranges from almost immediate assistance to about two years.

What is a preference?
Applicants who are veterans of the U.S. Military receive a preference on the waiting list in accordance with California law. Applicants who are displaced by government action, for example, if homes are torn down in order to build a freeway, also receive a preference.

What is income-targeting?
During each fiscal year, at least 40% of families admitted to public housing (Sunnyside Village, Sycamore Court, and Valley View Village) must have incomes that do not exceed 30% of area median income (for details, see Income Limits). The Housing Authority must skip over families on the waiting list if necessary to maintain the required income range balance.

How old do I have to be to get housing?
You must be 18 or older or be legally considered emancipated.

Do I have to have children to be helped?
No, the Housing Authority assists single individuals, couples without children, and all-adult families.

Will I be turned down for housing if I have more than a couple of children?
No, the Housing Authority has homes with up to five bedrooms that can accommodate large families.

I have a disability that requires me to use a wheelchair. Do you have any accessible apartments?
Yes, we have wheelchair-accessible apartments in Armona, Corcoran, and Hanford. We also provide other types of accessibility features on a case-by-case basis. For example, we have an office TDD phone and we can provide smoke detectors and door bells that flash lights for residents who can not hear.
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