Mission Statement

The mission of the Housing Authority of Kings County is to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing for low-income families within a financially sound framework. The accommodation must provide a living environment that enables residents to live with dignity. Residents must be responsible and able to live independently, or if dependent, with adequate support from family, friends, or human service providers.

To provide housing means facilitating, planning, developing, building, acquiring, managing, renting, selling, financing, maintaining, and improving properties or housing for low-income and moderate-income families. In providing this housing, the Housing Authority of Kings County can carry out these activities itself, or it can jointly venture or contract with any other public or private party under powers granted by the California State Housing Authorities Law.

Decent housing is housing that meets an individual’s or family’s basic shelter. Safe housing is housing that meets building and health code standards and provides residents with a sense of security. An affordable housing also means the amount paid for shelter does not unduly impact an individual’s or a family’s ability to provide for other basic human needs. Low income is income below 80% of the area’s median income, adjusted for family size.

To live with dignity means the living environment recognizes the inherent worth of every person. This environment maintains the privacy of the individual and minimizes the public and institutional nature of the housing and services provided. It is more than a roof overhead; it is person-centered. It promotes general health and well-being and encourages residents to share responsibility for that health.

To be responsible means paying rent on time, or if timely payment becomes impossible, promptly making other arrangements acceptable to the Housing Authority for full payment. It further means taking good care of the living unit, both inside and out, and promptly reporting all necessary repairs. To be responsible also means respecting neighbors and not placing an undue burden on neighbors or staff through failure to respect the rights of others. Finally, being responsible means honoring the provisions of the lease.

Human service providers are public and private agencies that provide social and health services to Housing Authority residents. Family, friends, and human service providers have the primary responsibility for ensuring that residents have all necessary services. The Housing Authority of Kings County is responsible for facilitating and coordinating the provision of services, but not providing such services directly.

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