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Compassionate Rental Assistance Organization in Kings County, CA

The Housing Authority of Kings County is proud to provide low-income families with affordable rental housing that is decent, safe, and sanitary. Our rental assistance organization in Kings County, CA, provides rental assistance to approximately 1,090 individuals and families through our Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and affordable housing programs.

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Available Affordable Housing Solutions

  • 688 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (Varies According to Funding)
  • 268 Public Housing Units
  • 32 State Housing Apartments
  • 6 Foster Youth Transitional Housing Program Slots
  • 45 Farm Labor Housing Residences
  • 44 Senior Citizen Apartments
  • 1 Market Rate Single Family Home
Suburban Bungalow Style House

Service Area

The Housing Authority of Kings County is proud to serve all of Kings County, including the incorporated and unincorporated cities of Armona, Avenal, Corcoran, Hanford, Kettleman City, Lemoore, and Stratford. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your family find a place to call home.

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